Go is a terminal utility that allows you to go to directories far from your current directory.  One need only type the name of the directory, and go will search for it and take you there.

Go is meant to replace tedious use of cd.  Go is similar to popular launchers like Alfred or Quicksilver, but it is for use in the terminal (tested in bash).

To use go, click go to download, place it in /your/personal/bin, g-unzip it, and add the following line to your ~/.bash_profile:

source /your/personal/bin/go

Go uses the variable $GOPATH to determine where it will search for directories.  It will search those directories in the order they appear, just like your environment $PATH variable.  Open up the go file in a text editor to change the $GOPATH to fit your computer.  You may also change the depth that go searches.

Here is the code in its entirety:

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